Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy 4th Blogday

The Eleventh Hour is four years old today!

A few notes on the State of the Blog…

For some reason, each year I’ve posted fewer posts than the year before:
2005 – 1071 posts
2006 – 852
2007 – 809
2008 – 738
2008 would have been close to 2007 except I took a break from blogging for several weeks last spring. I don’t know what this year will bring, but I suspect the quantity of posts may continue to erode. For one thing, I’ll be away for a week later in the month (I’m following Mrs. TEH who’ll be on a business trip to a much warmer place). The week after that I have some minor surgery that may keep me away from blogging for another week while I recuperate. Both of those things would probably not interfere too much with posting if I could ever figure out how to post from my iPhone without having to resort to using HTML.

I also think I will be taking breaks like I did once last year. That did me a world of good and reinvigorated my desire to blog again.

The other thing that I’m letting go of, for now, is Friday Beer Blogging. It’s been fun for most of the last four years, but it’s really, really become a chore that I don’t enjoy that much. Maybe that will change with some time off, but for now FBB will no longer appear on these pages. That’s not to say I’ll never blog about beer, it just isn’t going to be a regular feature until or unless I feel the desire to do it again.

Over the last four years this blog has become far less political as I’ve become more and more disgusted with humanity in general. And rather that raving about it three or four times a day like I used to years ago, I’m letting most (but not all) of it go by. I’ve become less and less interested in trying change anyone’s mind. Besides, I thinking we’re entering a new era where a lot of the lunacy of the last 25 or so years is going to be swept aside. At least I can hope.

Anyway, the blog rolls on into year five. Now all I have to do is think of something to say.


Marie said...

I remember when I found you and your blog a few months after you started. You left a comment on my blog and I was so thrilled to find you. It was the cyber equivalent of someone bouncing off the walls with glee. I worried that you may have thought I was a lunatic.

I'll always think of you as the breakthrough for others in our town to start blogging. I'm glad you kept it up.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Blevins said...


you are what we mere mortal bloggers aspire to be: a bunch of root beer guzzlin, cheetoh eatin, snuggie wearing, 31 yr. old virgins hiding in our parents' basements.

Gish said...

Too bad about Friday Beer Blogging. I enjoyed it. As long as you still blog, I think most people will be happy. Your blog always was interesting enough and had enough participants to be more than just some random person spouting off and became more like a community participation experiment.

Will said...

Happy blogday! You've officially outlasted 99% of blogs started in the last four years.