Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As long as I'm laid up in front of my teevee I might as well live blog this inauguration thing. I'm still using the iPhone so expect plain text and typos.

7:45 - Why are the talking heads so obsessed with speculation on where Obama will be going to church as president? The righteous Ronald Reagan and George W Bush didn't regularly attend church at all.

8:00 - The pre-inaugural coverage is as tortured and inane as the Super Bowl pre-game show. Actually more so since it's on every news channel.

8:05 - Speaking of church, Obama and Biden are in church now. Lots of religion injected into this secular event.

8:15 - is it at the inauguration the Obama finally reveals himself as the Muslim Terrorist Antichrist? A million wingnuts can't be wrong.

8:25 - I feel for the huge crowd standing in the cold. I remember that February morning two years ago freezing on the lawn of the Old State Capitol to hear Senator Obama annouce his run for the White House.

8:27 - CNN just interviewed two women who found a way to avoid the security checkpoints and told us all how they did it. Great.

8:37 - MSNBC is reporting the crowds are overwhelming in the checkpoints.

8:45 - This is a picky point but I've now heard two former Clinton administration officials refer to memories of the Clinton inaugural in 1992. Except, of course, that first Clinton inauguration was in January 1993.

8:50 - Obama now leaving the church and heading for the White House to have coffee with Bush. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, George.

8:56 - The Bush's are greeting the Obamas and enter the White House.

9:00 - I get a little tired of the self-congradulatory "peaceful transfer of power" stuff from the talking heads. Sure it's a good thing, but it's hardly unique to this country.

9:10 - CBS assures me that there are plenty of port-a-potties for the crowd.

9:37 - The dignitaries are filing in along with the celebs. Spike Lee looks cute in a fur-lined hat.

9:45 - George W. Bush just left the White House for the last time. Awesome. He and Obama are on their way to the Capitol.

9:59 - To my favorite troll who keeps posting racist and threatening comments which I immediately delete: I've been collecting your comments and will be forewarding them to the Secret Service. That may seem extreme but you seem genuinely dangeous. It might also be fun...for me. So keep the comments coming asshole.

10:05 - I wonder if those Supreme Court justices are wearing layers under those robes.

10:08 - Ray LaHood just entered.

10:11 - Oh boy! CNN has ordered up a satellite picture of the event and the crowd. Can't wait for that.

10:15 - The former presidents are entering. Bush the Elder is barly able to walk. Jimmy Carter is still spry. Hillary walked in with Bill rather than with the other cabinet members.

10:20 - On ABC they discussing what happens if Obama takes the Oath late, after noon EST, since Bush officially stops being president right at noon. OMG, no president for the intervening minutes.

10:25 - The Obama girls are in the house.

10:30. - Jena and not-Jenna are there.

10:31 - The crowd is chanting for Obama.

10:35 - Cheney is in a wheelchair after hurting himself moving the other day.

10:40 - Biden enters.

10:41 - Obama looks nervous as he prepares to come onto the scene.

10:44 - Obama is announced and enters. The crowd chants "Obama!".

10:46 - Here we go.

10:49 - Ugh, Rick Warren. But an OK opening prayer even though I'd prefer this to be a stickly a secular event.

10:54 - Aretha sings!

10:59 - Biden being sworn in and blinded by the sun.

11:00 - Bush is no longer president! But niether is Obama! We have NO president!

11:02 - CNN says Obama IS president even though be hasn't yet been sworn in. Better tell ABC.

11:04 - I'm nearly blind from typing on this small screen.

11:05 - Obama is taking the oath of office! He kind of flubs it.

11:08 - Thank God the Bush years are over.

11:09 - Obama giving inaugural address.

11:18 - He's doing well with the restoring America's dignity and trust in the world bit.

11:25 - This really is an above average inaugural address. Obama puts a lot into his oratory no matter what the venue and that has carried him far.

11:26 - He's done speaking now.

11:29 - And now poetry. I'd also like this to be a non-poetic event.

11:32 - A lot of people don't stick aourd for the poem.

11:34 - Another prayer. I liked the ending.

11:39 - The National Anthem. I thought that was sung at the beginning of events.

11:40 - Malia Obama had Joe Biden take her picture with her camera (or maybe he volunteered). Either way, getting the VP to do you favors is kinds cool.

11:47 - I've now lived through some or all of the terms of 11 presidents. That's 1/4th of them.

11:52 - Dick Cheney looks like Mr. Potter in that wheelchair.

11:54 - Bush waving as he gets on the helecopter to leave Washington. Bye George. That's 8 years the country will never get back.

11:57 - Obama (and the nation) waves as the helecopter takes off. Ha, Ha . The crowd is chanting "Na, na, na, na...hey, hey, goodbye."

12:01 - OK, I'm done for now. I need a nap.


Anonymous said...

Michelle looked like a model. So beautiful, tall, elegant and regal.

nancy said...

Re: comment at 11:05 -- The word is the Justice flubbed it, not Obama.

comment at 11:29 -- I guess I just don't get poetry

comment at 11:34 -- I thought that was funny ("red man gets ahead man, the yellow can mellow" -that's genius!), but I'm wondering how long before FOX takes issue with "the whites get it right"

comment at 11:52 -- my husband and I were speculating that Cheney vowed never to walk out of the White House. EVER.

Hope you feel better.

JLo said...

But an OK opening prayer even though I'd prefer this to be a stickly a secular event.

Would this mean removing references to God or a God in the president's inauguration speech, the poem that follows or any of the songs sung at the event?

JLo said...

Oh, and would you also advocate using the Bible during the oath, or "so help me God?"

I am really curious about this.

Dave said...

Prayers usually promote a single religion and this is a nation of many religions with none deserving greater emphasis than others. Best to just leave them out altogether. God can be a generic term and not peculiar to any one religion. There is no contadiction in my comments.

JLo said...

Okay, that's fine, but I wasn't aware there was a religion that didn't use some form of prayer.

The only thing I can think of is atheism/agnosticism/humanism, but those are not really religions per se.

I don't believe I mentioned any contradiction in your comments.

blevins said...

In some alternate universe, the George W. Bush years ended four years ago.

Dave said...

But there were references to only one religion in both the invocation and benediction, which proves my point. We are not a nation of just one faith. And yes, you could make the argument that the invocation also included a Jewish reference but I don't think that changes the situation much.

Anonymous said...

We need our president to issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER immediately to address affirmative action GONE WRONG!

As unlikely as it may sound, millions of immigrants and foreign visitors are eligible for -- and many are actually using -- affirmative-action benefits to get a head-start on U.S.-born minorities, not to mention white Americans. In effect, they are getting off the plane and moving right to the head of the line.

How is this possible? In the late 1960s, it simply never occurred to government planners that there would be so many aliens in the U.S. or that so many would be considered minorities.

The results can be startling. Take, for example, a company that has a goal to hire ten blacks. Nothing says these have to be African Americans, and they well may not be. All ten may be people who until now spent their entire lives in another country.

Whatever the long-term fate of affirmative action, Congress and the Administration should act now to put a stop to this bizarre extension of the program. A mere paragraph or two of legislation and a short executive order could end affirmative action for immigrants -- the entitlement nobody planned and hardly anyone wants.