Monday, March 07, 2005


A Republican discovers separation of church and state at a convenient moment:
A national group of Christian lawyers is appealing to church leaders to join them in lobbying against the bankruptcy reform bill introduced by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Ia.

The lawyers say the legislation runs contrary to the forgiveness of debt and charity required by the Bible....

In response, Grassley said Congress could not be bound by biblical mandates because "the Constitution does not provide for a theocracy."

"I can't listen to Christian lawyers because I would be imposing the Bible on a diverse population," Grassley said.

--Des Moines Register, 3/4/05
Huh, whuddaya know.

By the way, this new bankruptcy legislation is to be voted on tomorrow in the Senate and it sucks ass. I'm pretty sure both my senators will oppose it. Durbin for sure. And Obama better.

Thanks to Digby for the pointer on the Grassley quote.

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Carl Nyberg said...

Hey, shoot me an email. I have a proposal on the bankruptcy bill.