Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Election Notes

Where I live: I can't believe my non-endorsement carried so little weight here in Ward 9. Steve Dove, won beating incumbent Larry Selinger. Jim Edgar's takeover of the Springfield City Council is now 10% complete!

Davlin: Mayor for as long as he wants it.

Down south: Sheila Simon, daughter of the legendary late Senator Paul Simon, lost her bid for mayor of Carbondale. Some things just aren't genetic.

A question: Is it just tradition or is there some other reason a sitting mayor of Springfield never tries to stack the council by actively campaigning for allies? Or at least lending his/her name to candidates of the same political party. Davlin is pretty popular, he could have helped fellow Dems I would think. He now faces another evenly split council (although the effects of party affiliation gets really diluted at this level).

Update: Oops, Davlin will preside over a city council dominated by Republicans 6-4. Still, I'm not convinced party affiliation on the council is all that big a factor.

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Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that Selinger losing was the biggest surprise of the night. Selinger had tens of thousands of dollars in his campaign account. I never thought for a minute that Dove had a chance and niether did a lot of other people.