Monday, April 02, 2007


Since no one goes back to check out comments to old posts, I'm promoting this comment for all to see how truly silly the pro-smoking bunch really is. In response to this post of mine, the anonymous commenter had this to say:

Happy to hear you have given up your automobile....or do you have an unfettered right to spew more poison in the air in a single trip to the grocery store than a smoker will in a lifetime of smoking? Easy to be righteous when some one else does the complying...looks like the Taliban aren't the only society with Commisions on Vice and Virtue. We justy selectively apply it here.

Sometimes I think comments like this are left by sarcastic Colbert imitators. They can't possibly believe the stuff they write. But for what it's worth, I vow not to bring my running automobile into a restaurant if you don't light up your cigarettes. Sounds fair to me.

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