Monday, April 16, 2007

SJ-R Blogroll

Note to Springfield bloggers:

To get on the SJ-R Blogroll you must submit a request to have your blog included. It will not magically appear their without the request being made.

Step 1: go here.

Step 2: scroll to the bottom.

Step 3: click the email link.

Step 4: type email requesting your blog be included in the SJ-R blogroll (include a link to your blog).

Step 5: sent the email.

Step 6: wait.

I don’t know what goes into the decision to then include or exclude your blog but you must take the first step.


Anonymous said...

I think many of those who have been critical of the selection process have been very clear that they sent in the needed information. This isn't user error causing some very valid sites to be ignored. It's pure bias. It's ok for the paper to have an opinion. Just not the rest of the world. Especially if it is an opinion the paper doesn't agree with.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know for a fact that some people had not done this (including the last step). So I simply offer this as a suggestion.

Again, I don't know why some blogs that have made the request have not been listed.

ThirtyWhat said...

Well, I for one will admit that I hadn't sent in my request.

I did write a post about how I felt neglected for not being included ... but I hadn't "applied" to the SJ-R when I wrote it.

Dave encouraged me to e-mail the SJ-R ... and so I did. About two days later I was on their blogroll.

I know that Jerome Prophet went up the same day that I went up ... and he was saying that his request had been ignored. So perhaps it was an oversight? I don't know ...

I honestly didn't expect them to accept me since I have such a "potty mouth" ... but it didn't seem to be an issue.

Just FYI ... not on either side of the subject ... just wanted to put my two cents in.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for helping pass the word on how to get on our site's blogroll. Just to clarify your last point about what goes into the selection process: Not much.

You send me the link to your blog, I click the link to make sure you're not writing the "I Hate Jason Piscia Blog" and I send the link through for posting on our page.

If you have sent me a request and your blog isn't appearing on our blogs page yet, please e-mail me again and I'll get it taken care of.

Jason Piscia
Online Editor