Monday, April 16, 2007

Quickie Endorsements

Mayor -Tim Davlin

9th Ward Alderman - Not Steve Dove

Now a bit of explanation...

Davlin - He's been a pretty good mayor. No major fuck-ups. He did see the city through the tornadoes (but his Katrina-esque TV ads were deplorable) and even became a major player in getting the smoking ban past. Good enough for my vote.

Not Steve Dove - OK, by default this means Larry Selinger but I'm really voting against Dove. Here are my reasons:

- He isn't in favor of the smoking ban (see my post here)

- His response to the last minute push polling mini-scandal was to blame the other side for the phone calls. Politicians often try this tactic and it's bullshit. Just admit some people on your side, even if you knew nothing about it, went too far and be done with it. From the SJ-R:
Steve Dove, Selinger's Republican opponent in Ward 9, fired off a press release this morning denouncing the calls and calling them a "dirty trick."

"I know for a fact it was not our campaign," Dove said. "That leaves me with the only explanation as some sort of dirty trick intended to make my campaign look bad."
What load. Sure, Selinger, or his supporters, had people call 9th ward residents with a negative message about himself just so it would make Dove look bad when Dove got blamed for the calls. Or something. Sorry but that's a very lame explanation. I'm not saying Dove had anything to do with the calls, he probably didn't, but to blame the opposition is ridiculous.

- The Edgar letter was way over the top.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But boy weren't the wing nuts calling in on these allegations to the talk radio circuit.

Which is all that really counts.

Sling a little mud, some people don't even care if it's true or not, and just watch the effect.

Sort of sad they can't stay focused on the issues - even on a local level.