Friday, April 27, 2007

Good Terrorists

So when a bomb is found near an abortion clinic, why is that not ever, ever terrorism? Zuzu wonders too:
Had that bomb been found outside a post office or a school, the headlines would have been hysterically running on about ZOMG TERRORISM TERRORISM IS AL QAEDA INVOLVED? And the right-wing warbloggers would be pissing their pants and hyperventilating about profiling Arabs and banning Muslims from public life and dhimmitude and how if they had been there, they’d have stopped it with their concealed carry and their extra-super special powers of righteousness, just like they saw in a movie once and BOMB IRAN! and 9/11 CHANGED EVERYTHING!!! but hey still have better things to do than join the military, but they’ll be happy to go into the woods and hunt Russians and shout WOLVERINES!!

But it’s an abortion clinic, so. Ho-hum.
Ha, ha. No doubt. Apparently, like witches, there are Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Abortion clinics are just smaller versions of the German ovens