Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Have Sinned

As long as we are confessing our sins...

I gave into temptation tonight and had my favorite fast food death munch: KFC extra crispy chicken breast, mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw, and green beans (for best results mix the potatoes, gravy and coleslaw). I've been eating little more than Lean Cuisines for dinner for the last few months and I couldn't resist my basest culinary instincts when the opportunity presented itself. It was wrong but God it tasted good.

Leave your fast food guilty pleasures in comments.


ThirtyWhat said...

OMIGOD Dave ... if you're gonna sin, then KFC is the way to go. I, myself, prefer Original Recipe wings ... but any KFC is better than no KFC.

I must say though ... if you've eaten Lean Cuisines for dinner the past few months, you've already done your penance for the KFC ... you must have the will power of a Tibetan monk.

Anonymous said...

Ah the Lean Cuisine diet.

I recall you used it to slim down to put yourself in shape after divorce number one.

Everything o.k. at the home front?



Dave said...

I've been eating LC's since 1993 (years before my divorce, numb-nuts). At times I hit them harder than at other times. I find them convenient, they taste good and help me exercise some portion control. They have too much sodium but good on fat content.