Friday, May 19, 2006

Bonus Beer Blogging: Time to Recycle Edition

I wish I’d seen this earlier; I’d made it the focus of Friday Beer Blogging. Apparently, some guy in Utah left his townhouse with no less than 70, 000 empty beer cans piled up half way to the ceiling. Story and must-see pictures here.

The beer cans, all 70,000 of them, were Coors Light.


John said...

That's a great story. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

Anonymous said...

If only those were Stag cans, then that's a story.
Do the math.
2,916 cases
8 cases a day for one year
or a case a day for 8 years.

Dave said...

If those were Stag cans, that would account for 110% of all Stag sales and I would finally understand who was buying all that Stag.