Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Flag Out of Water

I know I’ve made mention in the past of being somewhat irked at seeing the confederate flag around these parts. Specifically, I recounted having seen some either insensitive or simply moronic jerk wearing the stars and bars on a t-shirt at the dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum a year ago. I also recently showed some faux outrage at confederate flags being displayed in Abe Lincoln’s hometown while mocking those who were getting upset at the site of the Mexican flag at some recent demonstrations in support of immigrants.

But today I pulled into a parking space in a store parking lot here in town only to observe a pickup truck, right in front of me, with a confederate flag emblem attached to its grill. It had Illinois plates. I thought, how strange that is really. I mean, what’s the purpose? Here in Springfield. Illinois what is the reason for displaying the confederate flag?

In the South, they hide behind some notion of “Southern Heritage”, whatever that is, to justify their rebel flag displays. But what’s the rationale here? All it says to me is, “Hey, I’m a racist fuck and proud of it.”

Maybe someone can explain this phenomenon to me.


Jefferson Davis said...

Hey Dave, I'm from the "South", and I consider myself to be a civilized wordly person. Just because one person acts like a fool doesn't mean that we are all a bunch of idiots. Hell, my name is Jefferson Davis, you can't get anymore Southern than than. However, I don't carry no racist hatred towards anyone, but people are racist towards me because of my name.

When people first hear my name, they assume that I'm some white-robed racist nut, but I'm just an ordinary american. I'm so civilized that I'm going to Ireland (Ancestry Homeland) for a vacation. My friends over there don't have a clue to the whole north-south spill. I've got family throughout this country, so I guess you could say I'm multi-cultural. I only wish people could see that, instead of a white guy named "Jefferson Davis". Take care..

Anonymous said...

I was born in the south but my family moved back here when I was in grade school. Growing up, I don't remember a time that there wasn't a confederate flag in my bedroom somewhere.

It never crossed my mind that it was racist. I considered it a sign of where I "came from." I lived in a middle class, Catholic household and I don't remember ever hearing a racist comment made in my home.

I understand why the symbol of that flag is inflamatory. I also understand that there are racists who display it for just that reason.

For what it's worth, there are "southern" individuals who are educated and open minded. We aren't all beer-guzzling, Lynyrd-Skynard-lovin racists.