Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Just to set the record straight…

My post below about the confederate flag and those who would display it here in Springfield was in no way meant to bash the South, Southerners or relocated Southerners who live here. I got a couple of comments that I think missed that point. (Some Southerners do deserve bashing as do many aspects of Southern politics but that’s another post for another day.)

My focus was strictly on asking what possible reason one would have for wanting to display the confederate flag, especially here. I think it sends the wrong message (or worse, the right message) about the person who feels the need to get behind that symbol.


Anonymous said...

I understand ... and I agree. I would never display the confederate flag for those very reasons. Just because I don't associate with racism, hatred, and violence ... there are a lot of folks who do.

Anonymous said...

Don't wimp out on the Red States Dave.

Slavery was a hideous institution, and that Flag was THE flag which the proponents of human slavery rallied around.

Southern Heritage - what a code phrase - don't buy into it buddy - cause that flag means exactly the same thing down south as it does up here. It's pure racist evil is what that flag is all about.

It has no place except in history books, museums, and battle reenactments.


Anonymous said...

Your southerner commenter said he recognized the Confederate flag as a flag that reminded him where he was from?

Was he from the old south? That ill concieved nation was nothing more than a blip in the history books.

It hasn't existed for over one hundred years - only existed for a few years, and should never have existed.

Next thing we'll have German youth commenting how they had NAZI flags on their walls as just a reminder of where they were from.

Total hogwash!

If you want a reminder of where you're from look above the Old State Capitol. That's the red, white and blue I love. That's where I'm from, and darned proud of it too.


Anonymous said...

Toby Keith? Is that you? Jesus ... the jingoistic attitude needs to go. I'm aware that the "red white and blue" is my nation's flag. You know, this is exactly why I wrote in the first place.

I understand you're a yankee, but everyone who is from the south does not need to hang their head in shame. Yes, slavery was a unimaginably evil institution ... but 75% of white southerners did not even OWN slaves.

I would NOT fly the confederate flag because I'm aware of the message it sends to most people. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate my "southern heritage."

Likewise, people from Germany shouldn't fly the swastika ... but they should be allowed to be proud of where they're from.