Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Deer Me!

Remember the killer deer that terrorized the Southern Illinois University campus in Carbondale last year (see my coverage here, here and here)? Well they’re back and looking for trouble.
CARBONDALE - Three people were attacked by a doe Tuesday afternoon at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. It was the first deer-human encounter on campus this year, but the incident marks a repeat of several attacks that happened last year due to the deer fawning season.


Police aren't releasing the names of the victims but reported the attack left one female university employee needing stitches for a gash on her forehead. The doe also scratched a student's jaw and sprained the wrist of another campus employee.

This makes 12 people in the last year who have been attacked by doe protecting their young.
I’m sure this is just a group of deer dead-enders. Although I hear the SIU deerorists may have some connection to the ‘gators running amok in Florida. Theses animals, and that’s what they are, hate us for our freedom. Time for universal wiretapping of all veterinary clinics, zoos, wildlife refuges and national parks.

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