Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hail the Snail Mail Sale

Well, this certainly gets my stamp of approval.
Postal officials pitched the idea of creating a "forever stamp" that would be good for sending first-class mail no matter how much the cost of a postage stamp goes up. The announcement came on the same day that the Postal Service said it would seek to raise the price of a first-class stamp for the second consecutive year.

The forever stamps, which would cost the same as a first-class stamp, would provide a hedge against future postal rate increases and end the search for 2- or 3-cent stamps that usually follows a price increase.

The proposed rate increase--and the idea of forever stamps--would require the approval of the independent Postal Rate Commission, and would take effect no earlier than May 2007.
If I never have to buy another one-cent stamp again, that’ll be just fine with me. Honestly, I don’t really do it anyway. When there’s an increase in the price of stamps I have traditionally just used up my old stamps by using two at a time rather than getting the one-centers. I know, that’s waste of money but it’s a waste of time to go get one-cent stamps for the remaining six or seven old first class stamps.

The forever stamp concept is long overdue. Sadly, it’s so overdue that it’s almost pointless for me. With the internet and online payments and the like, there’s very little mail going out of my household. 10 years ago or more it would have made a bigger difference. Right now though, not so much.

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