Monday, November 05, 2007

Cancer Free Families

I was watching a TV show last night (OK, it was Desperate Housewives, leave me alone) when one of the characters, as part of a prenatal medical survey, was asked if there was any cancer in his family. He said, "No." Just no. At first I thought that was ridiculous; every family has cancer in it somewhere. But is that true? Is there anyone out there that has no relative, even going back only two or three generations, that has gotten cancer? Is that possible? Maybe if they all die of heart disease at a young age before they can develop cancer?


JeromeProphet said...

I think that's what it is.

Live long enough, and you'll die of Cancer, or heart disease.

The big thing is getting through the fifties, and sixties.

If you can make it into your seventies you'll probably survive the big C, and die of something else.

But by the time you get into you late seventies the end is near. It's called progressive organ failure. Everything starts to work less efficiently. From the skin to the liver. The cells age, and the organs start to fail - slowly, ever so slowly.

Only one in twenty reach the 90's, and this isn't expected to change much.

So stopping, or slowing cellular aging is the key.

Antioxidants may slow things down a bit, but going on the starvation diet is probably the best bet.


Rich Miller said...

Knock wood, but as far as I know, nobody in my family, on either side, has ever had cancer.