Wednesday, November 28, 2007

iPhones on TV

I’ve been noticing that iPhones are starting to show up in the hands of characters on TV shows. A recent episode of Two and a Half Men featured Charlie Sheen making a call on one, but he was holding it upside down. The black part on the back of the speaking end was up by his ear. Then on this week’s Journeyman, our hero had an iPhone on him in a hospital emergency room…in 1980. When an attendant questioned him about it he said it was a calculator.


JeromeProphet said...

A friend let me touch his iPhone the other day, and I about passed out.

Can you imagine going back in time to say, 1985, and showing off an iPhone?

They'd probably think you were from outerspace.


Anonymous Communist said...

I'm guessing it's product placement. Apparently forward-thinking characters on several prime-time shows are shown using Macintoshes.

I've seen them on "House" and "Grey's Anatomy," and I'm sure they're elsewhere.

The advent of DVR has led many companies to advertise within the show's content.

Oh, and Macs rule.

sjflksd said...

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