Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Beer Blogging: Macau Edition

China: America's industrial heartland.

It is almost impossible to buy a manufactured product these days that isn't made in China. That is, until you go to your favorite beer store. There it's hard to find the ubiquitous Made in China label.

But hold on, Macau is coming.

The folks at Macua have a most awesome website and it proudly boasts this about the beer:
Macau is a true "Euro-Asian" beer. It is brewed using advanced Japanese brewing technology and the finest European ingredients. The Macau pale lager is respected as a refreshing, very light, subtle, yet smooth tasting pale lager with just a hint of fresh malt and citrus flavor that tastes wonderful with food or just by itself. If you want to drink a true Euro Asian Beer from China which is 100% formaldehyde free (unlike other Chinese beers) then ask for Macau the next time you're dining at your favorite Asian restaurant. You'll love it's all good..
Yes, all good, made in the fine tradition of the Japanese and completely formaldehyde free! Take that you silly Germans.

Check out the logo with the, ummm, not-smiley, er, expressionless face.

And while the blog post linked to above talks of it being introduced to New York, the Macau folks have a larger plas as seen on this map.

Notice that Central Illinois appears to be part of the plan. I realize the graphic is a bit small, but the points on the map are the same expressionless non-smiley faces.

Have a great weekend! And don't get stuck on a slow beer boat to China.

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