Sunday, November 11, 2007

CWLP Blowout

Good online coverage from the SJ-R and Marie.

I was on my way to the Pleasant Plains High School presentation of Bye Bye Birdie when the incident happened, so I knew nothing about it until I got home hours later. And even then the first thing I heard about it was from my daughter (who had been in the play) text messaging me about how the power plant had blown up (!). I called her and she told me that it was her information that one of the smoke stacks had collapsed causing an explosion that was releasing poison gas! Eeeek!

Well, it turned out not to be quite THAT bad. And it was nice to have the SJ-R online with the real story to counter the rumors. Although i can imagine folks living in the southeast part of town (like Marie) had quite a fright at first.

Many thanks to the emergency responders and to CWLP for making it possible for us to keep our lights on through all this. Shit happens and they were ready for it.

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