Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Beer Blogging: Erdinger Edition

Mmmmmmm...wheat beer. I've finally decided that beer for beer, wheats are my favorite. And the Germans make damn good wheat beers. Today FBB brings you one of them, Erdinger.

I picked up a six pack box of Erdinger last weekend at Friar Tuck. They had a big pile of them. For those of you who have been to the Springfield store, it was one of those stacks of beer they have in front of the refrigerated section.

The Erdinger folks have a website here. Be sure to have the sound up on their home page. Why is it German only sounds pretty when talking about beer?

And they even kindly included instructions on how to pour an Erdinger.

Have a great weekend! And drink wheat beer not WEAK beer.

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Anonymous said...

If it is a German has to be good. Us Germans know how and better drink our beers....