Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Little Green Signs

I always wondered how this worked:
We’re talking about the green signs. You know the ones that sit on the edge of a town that tout the accomplishments of a particular high school athlete or team.

The “high school champions” sign program has been around for about 30 years. The initial motivation was to honor IHSA state winners in the communities they hailed from. “Sometime in the ’70s, we started to develop policy on it,” said Mike Glaffey, media liaison for IDOT.

General guidelines are in place for each of the nine transportation districts in the state. Up to four signs per municipality are allowed. A request can be made for any individual or team that places from first to third in any school-sponsored statewide competition. The signs stay up for a year and are then to be taken down and given to the town they were put up in.

“We don’t have rigid statewide rules. We leave it up to each district to monitor things,” Glaffey said.
OK, now I can wonder about something else.

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