Sunday, November 18, 2007

Really Bad Taste

So he thinks this is funny? The last two are particularly offensive. I mean who the fuck would make fun of this picture? They must have a different sense of humor in Kansas. But he's a great guy!

Update: BriBlog does the right thing and removes the pictures (see comments). And golly folks, we got through this without even one dismissive wave of the “politically correct” accusation hand.

Also, if your interests lie in humorous historical recreations by older people, try this.


Briblog Blog said...

Nice to see you still have a short fuse. I didn't take these pix, the old people took them themselves. Think of them as oddball art. I love you Dave.

Dave said...

Mr. BriBlog,

I never suggested you personally took the photographs. But they didn't just magically appear on your blog either. You posted them approvingly and apparently saw them as humorous. If having a shred of human decency is having a "short fuse" than color me short.

Anonymous Communist said...

I dunno... I think the photos of oldies are kind of funny. They should have done one of the monk immolating himself.

Dave said...


I'm way ahead of you. I'm already rounding up some folks from a local nursing home that I can use to recreate photos from 9/11 and Auschwitz. It's going to be awesomely hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Lame shot at the man that used to sooth Springfield with Celine Dion.

Those photos hit the net a few months ago. If you're going to chastise the man, chastise him for not citing the source.

JeromeProphet said...

Obviously I must now chime in, and ask for the source?

In this case who cares where they came from - they are horrible!

Why not post the "Piss Christ" Brian?

Because that disgusting piece of "art" is horrible to even think about, that's why!

And you'd never post it either, because you wouldn't like it, find it deeply offensive, and you wouldn't want to offend anyone with it.

The question isn't whether you can post such trash, it's why you posted such trash.

I don't feel Dave is being a snob, he is simply asking himself what those old folks could have been thinking.

Example: Hey, but I want to play the part of the girl whose is running down the road with my flesh falling off after my village was attacked by Americans!

Simply disgusting!

Brian, if Dave thought you were a scumbag do you think he'd even care?

In my post from many months ago I noted that you did the rare, and honorable thing by admitting you made a mistake on a post, and that you redacted it.

You have had my respect because you earned it.

I suspect Dave feels the same way.

Your sense of humor on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired.

Is this "art" supposed to be conservative? Whatever it is it's insensitive, makes fun of other's suffering, and the brutality of humankind. It's the kind of thing that conservative Christians wouldn't support - it shows no higher Christian love.

I'll be the first to recommend that you remove those images, not because you're stupid, or evil, and this makes "us" the winner, but because you are a better person than those images are "art".

Marie said...

Why would the greatest generation participate in such mockery (assuming that is what it is).

Briblog Blog said...

I have removed the post. Happy Thanksgiving.

JeromeProphet said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.