Monday, November 12, 2007

Explosive Silence

So what took the city of Springfield so long (two hours) to talk to the media after Saturday night’s explosion at the CWLP power plant? The idea that everyone was too busy to answer questions seems ridiculous to me. Not everyone qualified to speak to the matter was going to be of any use in responding to the emergency directly (putting out fires, directing traffic, etc.).

My guess is that they didn’t want to make any statements until they knew for sure whether there was any danger to the public. For example, if there had been a danger and a spokesperson had announced there was none, that would have opened up the city to even more liability. And had there not been any danger, and it was announced that there might be, a certain level of panic theoretically could have ensued, which would not have helped anything.

Or maybe they really just didn’t give a shit.

No matter what the reason, the city really needs to work on this. Although given Mayor Davlin’s attitude toward the issue, I’m guessing it won’t be a top priority.
“Tough.” That was Springfield Mayor Tim Davlin’s response Sunday when pressed about why it took officials two hours Saturday to release information to the public about the power plant explosions and possible dangers to the community.
Wrong answer Mr. Mayor.

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JeromeProphet said...

I've been busy handling a transportation crisis over the weekend so I haven't kept touch with any of this, but it does explain the power fluctuation, and the fried out surge protector I've had to throw away.

I use multiple surge protectors in series to protect my PCs, and the first one in the series was fried.

Also, I've noticed a lot of drop out from broadband over the weekend.

It also explains why my brother was telling me that he just bought a power generator. I just figured he was going all survivalist on me.

I realize after the tornado you bought one too. Probably a good idea.

I have many photos of the power plants out there which I took during open house.

I meant to post them, but as you may have noticed I post fewer, and fewer of my own photos to my blog no-a-days.

But this has inspired me, so I'll see what I can do.

That "tough" comment shows how small town Davlin is. That's not a proper response, and it will end up being used against him in negative attack advertisements which would bother most politicians, but he must have supreme confidence that no one, or no incident could ever unseat him - and he's probably right. Still it does betray his admin., as I'm sure they may have responded very well, without the "tough" comment.