Friday, November 09, 2007

Our Man in the Media

Dave Bakke proves once again he's the local bloggers' best friend by using a blog post from John 'Just Two Guys' Anderson as the basis of his column in the SJ-R today.

However, I much prefer John's Halloween-esque post on reason he has a fear of blood. I mean, damn.


John said...

Hey thanks for the plug Dave. I was blown away when Dave Bakke e-mailed me about using the post for his Friday column. It was pretty neat.

I'm glad you like the other post, too. The post that shall not be named. Writing that was sort of cathartic and sort of just a horrible dredging up of memories.

JeromeProphet said...

Blown away?

We're talking SJR here fellas!

Not to take anything away from your experience, or to steal anyone's SJR Thunder, but sometimes you fellas kind of frighten me.

Then again I'm still shooting for a guest editorial in weekend advertiser.