Monday, November 26, 2007


This is a dumb idea but since I don’t frequent the riverboats, I guess I also don’t care much either.

It does remind me though of how silly the carding policy is for alcohol sales. I’m 47 and get carded almost everywhere I buy booze retail. There is simply no way I could ever pass for being under 21. I wish, but no way. Stores rather than taking a chance on a cahier’s poor age judgment, simply require them to card everyone.

I do like the “We Card Everyone Under 40” signs though. If I’m over 40 can I refuse to be carded? Will they have to start carding to determine if someone needs to be carded? I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought alcohol at any of the establishments that have that sign, so I’ve never had the opportunity to refuse on the basis of my advanced age.

My worst experience was about seven years ago when I tried to buy a six pack at Schnucks (along with other groceries). I was carded, but all I had was a speeding ticket. It had my birthday on it but the store would not accept it. I was 40 years old! Even the bag boy was laughing at the silliness of it all. But ultimately it was my own fault; go too fast, no booze for you!

Update: Some places will simply ask your birth date, not because they think you’re under age but because they need to enter a date into the machine. I guess this is supposed to be a way of forcing the cashiers to card everyone. The result is I have to announce my age in public (not a big deal, but still I don’t need someone behind my in line thinking “damn, he’s fucking old!”). I guess I could lie and shave about 10 years off since they aren’t going to card me anyway.


nancy said...


My (then) 80 year old father was carded at Schnucks last year. He was embarrassed and offended. He felt like they were mocking him a little, as he is not stupid enough to be flattered at being carded. He left without making the purchase. It seems some common sense should kick in at some point. I get carded nearly 100% of the time and I rather enjoy it.

JeromeProphet said...

A little Grecian Formula might change things.

Bet you'd look about twenty years younger, and possibly get carded again.

I've been carded twice in the last six months.