Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bloggers on Ice

I see Rich “Crash” Miller has been littering the scenic highways of Illinois. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt. God bless seatbelts (even if the jackbooted thugs of state government force us all to wear them against our will, denying us the basic freedom to be thrown from moving vehicles!).

That reminds me of the time long ago when, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I was driving on what is now I-39 just south of Rockford. The damp pavement suddenly, and with no indication, turned into a sheet of ice. I had apparently hit the freeze line. I was going 60 or 70 miles an hour, so I lost control as soon as I hit the ice. I did a number of 360s, completely without any control of the vehicle. I just hung on to the steering wheel and hoped for the best. I finally came to a stop still on the highway but facing the wrong way. Fortunately, there was little traffic and none headed my way. I slowly turned the car around and was back on my way at a greatly reduced speed. I got to my destination no worse for wear, but that could have been one of the worst days of my life, if not the last.

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