Monday, December 10, 2007

Hannah Blagtana

I wouldn’t have taken Rod as a big Hannah fan. On the other hand, he does little that surprises me anymore.

ROSEMONT -- Zeal for superstar Hannah Montana drew scores of admirers —including Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his family — many of whom shelled out hundreds of dollars for tickets to a Rosemont concert.

“We’re big fans,” Blagojevich, who was accompanied by his wife and two daughters, said before Saturday’s concert. “I’ve seen every ‘Hannah Montana’ episode.”
OK, as a parent I understand how you wind up becoming familiar with certain TV shows and movies geared toward a younger audience because you either watch them with your kids of hear them in the background. For the record, Hannah Montana is definitely a background show for me (you couldn’t pay me enough to sit through one of those Disney sitcoms). But what adult admits to having seen every episode of Hannah Montana? Especially if that adult already has a reputation for bad time management on the job. Blago should stick with hockey games. At least most guys can understand skipping work for that.

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JeromeProphet said...

In a few years she'll be hanging out with Britney in rehab - another Disney-ABCFamily creation.

Of course right now she's good press because she has a squeaky clean image - sort of being billed as the "anti-britney", the family values rising star.

So Rod obviously knows good press.

Then again, maybe he really does like her singing?