Friday, December 07, 2007

The Freezing Rainy Season

Winter is in the house.

Any questions?


Anonymous said...

Bah! I said, to Storm Team 20s Scarecast of an ICE STORM WARNING. Wanting to go on our traditional holiday outing to see the 8PM performance of the Nutcracker this evening, I hovered around the weather news most of the day. Around 4PM, I ended up cancelling taking my Great Niece Emma to an event she really loves (I get to see "The Chipmunk Movie instead. Hmmm. Sort of an odd cultural exchange.)

My teenage son informed me that he and his girlfriend would still be going to the Nutcracker, in spite of all the warnings, advisories and lectures from his Father.

I worried all night, looking at the clock, hoping that everything was OK. I watched the weather radar, and saw nothing in our area but a few "puffs" floating around us - no big deal. I even ventured so far as to smile at my husband and say, "It's really not doing anything outside;" not as an "I told you so," but as an attempt to assuage his feelings about our only child being out in the ice storm, and me being the one who gave him the tickets to go.

I figured Alex be home around 10:30 or 11, and sure enough, he was, ran in, said everything was great, they had a good time, the roads were, "um, not bad at all, really" and quick as a flash, off he went to Chatham with a friend.

What is the point to this blathering missive?!

My Border Collie, Lucky, woke me up at 1AM to tell me she HAD to go outside. NOW. It was VERY URGENT. My husband recently banned her from the backyard during wet weather, so I begrudgingly put on my slippers and went out the front door with her.

"Stupid non-ice storm!" I mumbled, thinking Emma and I should have gone to the Nutcracker after all ... and as I barely got the word "storm" out of my mouth, my aging 62 pound dog slid down the driveway. She would have gotten at least a 7 for her flying Hamill Camel. She looked at me like, "What the ...?!" and clambered over to the snowy yard, which was now encrusted in ice, making her walk even more awkward.

I stood safely under the eave by the garage, not happy about being outside in my PJs at 1AM waiting for the dog to do her thang.

Once she was through, wait, what, oh no. STUCK. She was convinced she was STUCK in the parkway, and couldn't make it into the yard. I called, I begged, I pleaded. I used my stern voice. But apparently the sidewalk had become an icy abyss that she did not dare to cross.

She'll do anything for food, so I bribed her with a cookie. But this time, she just stood looking forlorn, attempting to take a few steps and then skittering back.

By now, it's a little more than a bit chilly in my t-shirt and I decide I need to go back in the house and get my coat. "THAT usually does the trick," I thought, knowing she wouldn't want to be left outside in the cold.

"Come on, Lucky!!" I pleaded. No such luck, pardon the pun. So I went inside to get my coat, greeted at the door by our two cats, who seemed very concerned about their friend THE DOG. Well, I suspect that Rufus was concerned; Trixie just wanted me to come back to bed so she could snuggle.

Back outside, and Lucky's still at the bottom of the yard on the parkway, trying desperately to get into the large snowy yard but not sure how to cross the sidewalk. I implore her once more to come up with me. No way, she says.

I go back inside and grab her leash, which makes her very happy, tell her I'll give her treats, which makes her even happier, but she would not budge.

I have nerve damage in my right leg that causes chronic pain. It's been especially bad today, and I was sure that I should NOT be attempting to get down the driveway OR the icy snow encrusted yard even if it was to get my poor dog. I could imagine both of us down there, STUCK.

Thought for just a second about going inside and waking up the hubby, who put the dreaded PLEASE DO NOT LET THE DOG IN THE BACKYARD sign on the back door in the first place. Come get your dog, I thought, feeling like Snidley Whiplash.

But alas, I am a nicer person. Hubby was mad at me anyhow for letting the aforementioned teenage son go to the Nutcracker. Better not poke the sleeping bear.

SO, I couldn't leave my almost-12-year-old dog who, though she was supposed to be my son's dog, had really been MY companion all these years, especially after my injury.

OK. Brave it. I stomp through the ice and snow, making loud crunching, crackling sounds as I went, knee aching at every step. I got closer and tried to coax Lucky towards me. She'd move a little, then move back. Too scary, she'd say.

I finally reached the edge of the yard and was able to let her smell my hand and guide her a little bit toward me. She reached the sidewalk and once again she spun around, this time doing a Salchow with triple toe loop. I can hear Dick Button now! Amazing! GOLD for the USA!

She scrambled up ahead of me in the icy yard, slipping several times, as I tried to watch her AND myself. We got to the top of the driveway, and once again she slipped, but she managed to "make it stick" as they say in figure skating. Probably would have been deducted only a few points for that bad maneuver.

Once inside, I went to the pantry and got her a large Milkbone dog biscuit. You deserve this, old girl. She looked up at me with grateful eyes, and nudged my hand while I patted her head.

So yeah ... it's slick outside ... be careful out there.

JeromeProphet said...

Our home is half a foot ball field from the road. The drive to our house is a complete sheet of ice.

No one will be coming by to apply salt.

In the meantime it's raining out, but the temperature is so low right now that the ice covering which formed yesterday on the snow is protecting the snow from freezing.

The roads, trees, and power lines mean while are being soaked with water which is one degree above freezing.

From past experience we're in a very precarious spot. And to have several more days of freezing rain predicted makes this a very bad situation.

Starting Thursday night I noticed cars sliding through the intersection.

My daughter's friend's car slide into a light pole.

Of course lots of people just didn't understand the need to slow down.

I'm hoping we don't lose power, but considering how dependent OLD SPRINGFIELD is on power poles I'd say when the temperatures drop, which they are predicted to, we'll probably see many power outages.

I want to take this opportunity to blame the streets department for deciding not to buy enough salt, sand, fly ash, etc. in advance. What with the excuses last year one would think the Mayor, and his team would have learned, but inept government is what we're all depending upon to get us through.

These are the same folk that let one of our power generators blow up, and seem mystified about why.

And of course these are the same people who don't put enough emphasis on brining up the streets so as to prevent the liquid water from becoming ice in the first place - once again, they'll claim they didn't have enough resources.

And they'll also be mystified when the overhanging tree limbs start crashing down on various power lines - having never properly trimmed such limbs back throughout the year - which would have been part of their jobs.

Then they'll get on WMAY, etc., and say how they're working to save us from this crisis.

That is if Davlin isn't in Europe on some all expenses paid junket.

Thank God I live in Jerome, but unfortunately I'm completely dependent upon Springfield.


I guess I'm just an old timer remembering the good old days when there was a street's commissioner, and a utilities commissioner. When the people who rain those commissions were worried like heck to avoid this crap on an annual basis so as to be reelected. Today the people who run the departments just blame God, and always seem unable to deal with snow storms, ice storms, etc. Where are the Ozzie Langfelders?

JeromeProphet said...

I meant that the ice covering on the layer of snow from earlier this week is protecting the snow from melting.

I'd much rather have snow than this.

We might actually blame global warming on this weather.

We get a greater amount of warm air coming up from the gulf due to global warming, but instead of snow, being slightly warmer, we're getting rain which will freeze at the temps.

Again, I'd much rather the snow.