Tuesday, December 11, 2007

T. Snyder Rocks On!

Wow, I can't believe what I found tonight. Remember right after Tom Snyder died last summer I put up a post (here) on why he was such an icon for people exactly my age, give or take a couple of years? How there was nothing else on TV that late at night and we college kids were the only ones up watching that late anyway, and how Tom would often have cool bands on that he was totally clueless about. Well it's all in the post.

Anyway, I'm Goggling around tonight and look what video awesomeness I discovered on Amazon:

I love the cheesy Snyder head shots at the top of the cover of this DVD. This is great. From the Amazon review:
Spanning the musically volatile years from 1977-1981, these eight Tomorrow Show episodes all focus on the burgeoning punk/new wave movement. To his credit, Snyder doesn't pretend to like or even understand it, but nor does he criticize (although he does chuckle on occasion). Mostly, he lets the musicians speak for themselves and play a few tunes. All the while, he looks thoroughly bemused, comfortably enveloped in a nimbus cloud of cigarette smoke...
I'm giddy. I can hardly wait to order this.


JeromeProphet said...

This has been out for awhile. I found it when I did my post right after he died.

I'd love an invite to Dave's World to watch it with you, over a few cold one's.

Long as it's o.k. with the Mrs.

The word used to post this:


That's just too much.

Dave said...


Well thanks for not sharing! I’m probably going to put this on my Christmas list since no one ever knows what to get me. After Christmas we’ll have a Snyder party. We can trick Former Wingman SK into bringing the beer. He steadfastly refuses to read this blog so we are safe plotting against him here.

Anonymous Communist said...

Maybe you can take a picture of Former Wingman SK's giddiness over reading the label of the said cold one.

Word verification: gbjbg

A palindrome!

Dave said...


Your mocking tone gets you banned from all future Snyder events. Happy?