Sunday, December 16, 2007

Old, Old, Old

The college radio station I worked at as an undergrad at SIU, WIDB, has its top albums of the year out. I'm sad to report that I have only heard of ONE of the artists on their top 30 (alternative/indie/college radio/whatever) list: The White Stripes (I even have one of their CDs!). In an odd twist, I've actually heard of several artists on their top 10 hip-hop recordings list.

Update: I have heard of a few more (OK, 2 more) of the bands on their current top 30. So: old but not totally ancient.

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Anonymous Communist said...

It's good to see that WIDB has gone back to being more of a "college radio" station.

When I first volunteered there back in 1993, that's how it was. But by 1995, it had evolved to more of a Top 40 format. The playlist was made up of the dreadful "modern rock" and "urban music" (read: wack R&B) of the day.

I stopped volunteering then.