Sunday, December 16, 2007

8.5 Inches of Sweet Loving...Snow

Springfield unofficially got 8.5 inches of snow in yesterday's storm. Let's hope that's the record amount for one storm this season.

I shoveled the sidewalks and driveway three times. Once at noon yesterday because it seemed like the snow was slowing down and we weren't going to get very much snow anyway (uh-huh). Then last evening, I did it again because we were expecting company. Actually, Former Wingman SK and his girlfriend were going to meet us at our place, then we were going to head out for our annual Christmas drinks at Brewhaus. That got called off (after I had already shoveled) due to the weather. The third and final shoveling came at noon today.

Mrs. TEH and I stupidly ventured out anyway last night to grab a bite to eat and get a little Christmas shopping done. At one stop, the snow was coming down and blowing so hard that I had to dig the snow out of my ear after walking into the store from the parking lot.

Oh well. I still prefer these storms happen on weekends when they can't disrupt school and work.

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Anonymous said...

Howdy Eleventh Hour,

I lived in Springfield from 1954-1974 when I moved to attend SIU Carbondale Law School. I remember those snow bound winters well. I now live in sunny Knoxville, Tennessee, in the Tennessee Valley, where we seem to luck out a great deal -- we only get about an inch of snow here in the valley every winter (much snow in higher elevations, though). I thought about moving back to Springfield this year. But posts like yours remind me of why I moved down here.

Think I’ll stay put and visit online. It’s much warmer.

BTW: I am a great fan of your website. Thanks for the Friday Beer Blogging, I also love beer (yes, I even remember Little Kings, although I can’t find them down here).

Later Gator,

Robert Dugger