Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Poor Service From UPS

Good, I didn't want to be the first one to start bitching about customers service.

My beef is with The Brown. Last Friday while I was home for lunch, we got a phone call from a neighbor across the street and down the block a ways. Apparently, UPS had delivered a couple of packages belonging to us to this neighbor. He said the packages were sitting on his front porch. So I walked down to find one smallish, light package and a larger VERY HEAVY box containing my son's drum kit we got him for Christmas (OK, it probably have been better for our sanity if Mr. Brown had just dumped it into a creek, but hey).

So I have a choice: go back and get my truck or just hump it down the block with this thing. Foolishly, I chose the latter. One aching back later, I was furious at the stupidity of the UPS driver. The address number where he left out packages bore no resemblance to ours. What drugs was this person on? Entering the house I told Mrs. TEH that I was going to call UPS and verbally rip them a new one. She told me that she had already tried but couldn't get past the phone tree and recordings. That would have been just more frustration. Therefore, I vowed I would...would...BLOG ABOUT IT!


Anonymous said...

A few months of having a toddler wacking away at those drums, and you'll be wondering why you were ever upset with that delivery guy.

But we learn our lessons the hard way.

Anonymous said...

i got some rewards points at my work recently and decided to cash them in for some yummy looking Omaha Steaks.

Despite my pleadings and UPS saying they would leave them on the porch, they never did and I not only lost out on the steaks, I did not get my points credited for some time.

BlogFreeSpringfield said...

How old is your son and which drum kit did your purchase?

My six-year-old has been asking for drums, but I don't want to invest in a decent kit until he's a little taller. I ordered him an electronic pad in hope that he can learn on that and maybe next year we'll spring for a good five-piece kit w/high-hat and ride and crash cymbals.


Anonymous Communist said...

Jeez... I didn't get my first drum set until I was like 11 or so.

Still have it. It's falling apart because of age and heavy use, but I still have it.

Anonymous Communist said...

And when the time comes, Dan, may I recommend Daddy O's Music Shack for all your drum set needs.

The owner is a friend of the family as well as an extremely nice guy. He has touring musicians come into the store when they blow into town, and couple of summers ago he sold a vintage Ludwig Vistalite kit to the SCOTS drummer.

John said...


I, too, am an enemy of the brown. A few years back, when we lived in Richmond, the UPS driver refused to leave packages at our apartment unless we were home to receive them in person. Sometimes we could sign and leave the slip, but other times even this was an impossibility. As a result, on numerous occasions I had to get in my car, drive all the way across the city and through the maze of an industrial park to the UPS warehouse, where I would then wait in a long, slow-moving line to get my shipped item. So, I have sworn an eternal oath of damnation against UPS.

Dave said...


It’s a TKO 3 piece but I’m not sure the exact model. My son is 4 and this is definitely for small kids. We thought about getting him the electronic drums and even showed him a picture in a catalog, but he insisted on a traditional set that included a cymbal.

ThirtyWhat said...

I couldn't help it ... the whole Schnucks thing pissed me off so badly that I had to write. That was the second time they'd done something amazingly wrong ... last time, the butcher guy convinced me that the meat on their gourmet hamburgers was brown because "they were made with frozen onions." Um ... okay. My bad for BELIEVING that obvious lie. Because I took them home, cooked them up ... and threw them out because ... duh ... the meat was brown because it was OLD and NASTY.

Ahem ... I digress ...

I've got issues with UPS too ... this year they're throwing things on my porch and POUNDING on my front door as if they're the invading huns. I'm serious ... it sounds like someone is BREAKING MY DOOR DOWN! Then he RUNS off the porch and is back in his van before I can even open the door. [sigh]

Tis the season ... oh, and by the way, Dan ... we've got an old set of drums in our basement if your six year old would like a set to learn on and destroy before he gets "nice" set. LOL


BlogFreeSpringfield said...


My wife will probably kill me, but I am interested in your drums. Let me know how we can get in touch about them, other than through Dave's blog. He probably levies a sales tax for transactions negotiated on the Eleventh Hour.


Dave said...

Dan & TW,

Yes, all commercial transactions should go through the 11thhour Classifieds Department.

But, man, you gotta love The Blog. I started out bitching about UPS and wound up facilitating a drums transaction. Is there any better way to make difference in the world? I think not.

ThirtyWhat said...

LOL ... Dave, you make the world a better place ... :)

Dan ... e-mail me at ThirtyWhat@insightbb.com and we'll chat. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, Dave might open up his own swap shop blog if this keeps up. Might not be a bad idea.