Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Movie Genres I Just Can’t Stand

Mob movies (The Godfather, Scarface)

Outside rebel changes rigid, small-minded town (Footloose, Chocolat)

Superheroes (Batman, The Hulk)*

*The campy, 1960s Adam West version of Batman is good, however.


JeromeProphet said...

Oh, but what about Goodfellas, and Casino? Now you could, if you wanted to, classify them as Martin Scorsese films - essentially, an exception to any genre. But I loved those films.

Dave said...

Didn't see either film but if they were mob movies I doubt I would have enjoyed them. There is really nothing at all appealing to me about mobsters.

Stu said...

Disagree about the mob movies - love 'em, but here's one I can't stand: the fun, no-brainer comedy (when you just wanna enjoy a good laugh) that halfway through suddenly gets all teary-eyed and serious. Lighten up Mr Director!