Friday, April 18, 2008

After Schock

Boy, that guy’s name is fun to play with. Maybe I don’t want him to lose the election after all. I mean, what can you do with a name like Callahan?

Anyway, the aftershock we felt about 10:15 this morning is being reported as a magnitude 4.5. At least we’re going in the right direction. I will say that is the first aftershock I’ve ever experienced.

The SJ-R site is getting hammered this morning, especially after the aftershock (did I say that right?). I couldn’t get on for the longest time. In a way, it’s a credit to the paper that they have a web site people know to turn to for late-breaking news. Props to the online guys at the SJ-R.

Oh, and you all know they’re laughing at us in California, right? Just ignore them. Our Big One (New Madrid) is going to totally destroy their Big One someday. Not to mention destroy about everything else around here.


allie said...

i was thinking the same thing. i was on vacation in SoCal once, and the first few days i was there, several earthquakes occurred. no one could care less. it was if they never happened. and im from illinois, so, of course i thought it was as interesting as could be.

Anonymous said...

You mean Mrs. Burns, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Your props to the SJ-R for its coverage Friday are much appreciated, I'm sure. But it was actually a GIRL and a guy who were responsible for most of the updating of the website that day. So, congrats go to both.