Monday, April 28, 2008

Not Stable

I see this stuff occasionally and I'm amazed at how these people don't see the irony. The headline reads:

US envoy slams Iran's alleged destabilizing role in Iraq

Has any nation "destabilized" Iraq more than the U.S.? And I'm not just being flip here. Even if you seriously think this war is a good idea, there's no way you can deny the massive, unfathomable, "destabilization" that the U.S. invasion has caused that country.

Hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced, infrastructure destroyed, ethnic violence, a barely functioning government (and that's being generous), a destroyed economy, and on and on. And folks, it was the U.S. that unleashed all this. We saw the can, used the opener, and out came the worms.


rickmonday said...


I think it is a fact of war that there will be mayhem, especially during an ongoing war.

But it doesnt help the situation when you have Iran shipping loads of weapons into Iraq to fight the US.

geek_guy said...

Iran is shipping weapons into there because they know US will invade them next and it is better to "fight them over there, then in the homeland". They know the US is a threat to Iran, unlike Saddam being a threat to the US.