Saturday, April 19, 2008

R U Canada-Worthy?

Suppose Hillary and Barack finally decided to just resolve things with guns and they both wind up dead. John McCain wins the election (this is the only scenario where I think he does) and we are all faced with, well, FOUR MORE YEARS. Some may opt to flee to Canada. But if you chose this route, will they let you in?

Here's a simple test provided by the Canadian immigration folks used to determine if you would qualify to live among the Great White Northers. I got a 71, so they're all about having me come live with them. How 'bout you? Got what it takes to be a Canadian?


rickmonday said...


I got a 70. I found it interesting that Canada asks questions about English and French. Sounds sort of racist to me.....No actually, I think it is smart. I wish we would do the same.

Gish said...

I got a 73 but I consider the ability to query the location of said library as basic skill level en francais.