Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Still Not Posting to This Blog

More things I may blog about in the future but am not now. You can tell I’m not really blogging cuz I’m not in (just) my underpants.

Talking heads on my TV keep telling me that they are worried Americans will not spend their upcoming tax rebates to stimulate the economy and will instead use the rebates to pay debts or even put them into savings. Ha, ha, ha. What country do these guys live in?

The movie Dazed and Confused also keeps showing up on my TV and I’m always compelled to watch because the movie gets it all (the clothes, the hair, the partying, the music, the language…) exactly right. Except for the hazing stuff; I don’t remember any of that around here.

So Beatles insider Neil Aspinall, who recently passed away, was banging Pete Best’s mom and had a child by her? And I just heard Paul McCartney was doing Mrs. Best too back in the day. No wonder they let Pete into the band.

It’s better to take a cab from a large airport than to make someone come pick you up. Right? Everyone needs to agree with me on this in the comments. (This is a jab at Mrs. TEH who will make me pay dearly for bringing this up here).

Even if cohabitation was found to have some negative impact on the duration of some marriages between previously cohabitating people, so what? What are you going to do about it? Make it illegal to cohabitate with someone? And enforce it how? Why are some people even concerned with this? Geez, mind your own fucking business.

Is D’Arcy’s Pint the only place in Springfield to get a Muffuleta? I was turned on to this, the mother of all sandwiches, a few years ago at its point of origin, the Central Grocery in New Orleans, and have been seeking good imitations ever since. (D’Arcy’s does do a pretty good job, by the way).

Biddy Ball is way too much fun to watch. Four year-olds giving their all for something they really don’t understand is grand entertainment (they run so long to get such short distances for reasons that are unclear to them). My son is pictured below running down the court (middle) during a game and taking a practice shot.

The usual disclaimer, this is not a post, I’m still on break, blah, blah, blah.


nancy said...

My daughter plays Bitty Ball at the Gym this Thursday at 6:00. I wonder if we'll play your son's team some time this season? My daughter is really vicious...she throws elbows and fouls like crazy, but she sets a mean pick.

Dave said...


Well,our kids may be playing each other soon. (Send an email to discuss)

By the way, the girls on our team and the teams we've played are much better than the boys. The boys mostly want to goof off while the girls really try hard and succeed.