Thursday, April 17, 2008


Popes can be so patriotically incorrect.

"Americans have always been a people of hope," he said. "Your ancestors came to this country with the experience of finding new freedom and opportunity.

"To be sure, this promise was not experienced by all the inhabitants of this land; one thinks of the injustices endured by the native American peoples and by those brought here forcibly from Africa as slaves."

Ixnay on the rutalitybay, Opepay. We don’t talk about that stuff in polite company here. Everything we Americans do is good and it has always been so. Didn’t you see Apocalypto? Native Americans needed saving from themselves and the white folk arrived just in time. Slavery was no big deal, we got those people out of Africa and so what if they had to work off the free passage for a few generations. Don’t they have Capitalism in Vatican City?

And don’t you dare say anything about Iraq; we’re working on it!

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