Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Holy Shit

Can I just take moment to remind everyone who sees images of Jesus in hospital gardens or the Virgin Mary on underpasses or grilled cheese sandwiches that no one, in fact, has the slightest idea what these people really looked like.
The images we associate with Jesus and Mary and other long-ago Jewish and Christian icons are simply those created by artists at some point in history long after these people were gone. These artists had no idea what the holy folk looked like either. They just made it up. Their creations may be sympathetic and pleasing, but they have no basis in fact. The images seen in foodstuffs and architecture may actually more closely resemble some hippie in Oregon or a dry-cleaning woman in Iceland.
Now, if you see Elvis in a potato salad, you might have something since we do have real pictures of him (Him?).

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