Monday, April 21, 2008

Blago Hates Springfield (and Everyone Around Here Knows It)

Reading this article in the SJ-R this morning about the Capitol Avenue Project in Springfield, I was reminded that Governor Blagojevich was, and I assume still is, a big supporter of the plan. As I recall he even allocated like a million and a half dollars of state funds to the project. I only bring this up because one of the main criticisms of Blagojevich here in Springfield is that he OBVIOUSLY HATES Springfield (who wouldn’t want to live here!) and he sends all of the state’s money to Chicago.

There are plenty of reasons to think Blagojevich is the Worst. Governor. Ever. But this paranoid “he hates us!” bullshit is not one of them. I see letters to editors and calls to local talk radio wanting “downstate” to force Chicago to become its own state and stop stealing all of our tax dollars, cuz ya know they get it all and we get nothin’. (This is ironic since much of Springfield’s economy depends on state government jobs and operations. Most communities would love to get the slice of the pie we get here)

Springfield’s childish, irrational and provincial inferiority complex it has toward Chicago really is unbecoming and makes us all look like a bunch of whiny hicks. Really, get over it. We have a large and diverse state that, fortunately, includes one of the world’s great cities. If you don’t like it, I hear there is plenty of room for you in Wyoming.

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rickmonday said...

Well, he may not HATE us but he sure snubs his noise at us quite often. Sangamon County was one of the few places in the state that he got killed in the last election and I think he remembers that quite well. It seems that he takes cheaps shots at Springfield whenever he gets a chance, whether it be promising money to Rochester schools and not following up on it, or not respecting the tradition of living in the governors mansion. Furthermore, if you follow his moves against his father-in-law you will be able to clearly see that this man takes more action on personal vendettas than he does on true state matters.