Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Afghanistan Factor

You know, we probably wouldn’t have to be resorting to calling up National Guard troops for duty in Afghanistan if we (well, the Bush administration) hadn’t gotten into the idiotic war in Iraq.
Sangamon County Circuit Clerk Tony Libri, who is a colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard, is being deployed to Afghanistan later this year, he said Wednesday.

Libri, 53, is seeking re-election Nov. 4. He said he expects to leave sometime after the election and believes he will return next fall. He said he plans to maintain regular contact with his office to ensure uninterrupted service to the public.

Not that I have any particular objections to this, but I think this pretty much assures Libri’s re-election. Who’s going to vote out a guy going off to war? It almost seems cruel. Of course, I kind of resent that being interjected into the campaign, but I certainly don’t blame Libri for it.

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Blevins said...

Dave, have you forgotten your 9-11 Handbook; you know, the day that changed everything...forever!

We had to go to Iraq because there were terrarists there and they hate our freedom. Saddam had nuclear weapons and was trying to buy yellow-cake (don't know why he didn't just go to Shop N Save to the bakery aisle...but oh well) so he could make them. He was a threat to his neighbors and gased his own people.

Hum, what else did I leave out. Oh, it's better to fight them over there then over here...and Afghanistan was getting better because we had the terrarists tied down in Iraq because they all left Afghanistan to go party in Iraq.