Friday, September 26, 2008

Pin Heads

Well, this means Obama automatically wins...
9:02: Barack Obama enters, wearing a flag pin on his lapel. John McCain has no flag on his lapel.
End of debate.


rickmonday said...

The difference is that we know McCain is patriotic and has proven it many times.

There are still doubts about Obama's patriotism and thus his very smart and sly advisors forced him, despite his wishes, to wear one on national tv.

I give credit to his crafty advisors, I am sure it fooled some of the people.

Also, if you look closely, you will have noticed that there were 57 stars on Obama's flag.

JeromeProphet said...

What the hell is patriotism to you, may not be to me.

He didn't want to be held as a POW so that can't be it.

He wanted to fly, and drop bombs, and he did.

For that we honor him.

He wanted to serve in the Senate, and for that we honor him.

He also supports the occupation of a foreign nation which never did play any kind of role in 911.

A war that is costing the nation billions, and has led to unnecessary death and carnage.

For that you may honor him, but I will not.

Patriotism doesn't mean war, and it doesn't even mean the serving in the military.

The most patriotic thing I've ever done is advise my daughter NOT to join the military as long as the nation is run by the likes of Bush and company.