Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Down the Drain Edition

This post is both secondhand and personal in nature. That is, my wife, not I, was witness to something both appalling and fascinating at one of the large, national chain eateries here in Springfield. She stopped in with my 5 year-old son to pick up a carryout order. The carryout transactions take place at the bar. While waiting for the food to come out she and my son sat at the bar.

Behind the bar a new employee was being trained on the proper way to pour draft beer from the tap. The old hand was demonstrating the various ways to fill glasses and pitchers of beer. And when done with a particular demonstration, the old hand would dump out the beer. When the newbie practice the same techniques, the end result was he same -more beer down the drain.

To make matters worse, there is apparently a different technique to pouring Bud Light vs. Blue Moon. So the demonstration/practice routines had to be applied to both taps. And everything was dumped down the drain.

I'm told my son was fascinated by the process. Honestly, he hasn't seen a lot of beer poured away and certainly not in such quantities. Well, not poured down the drain anyway. I hope he's OK and not too traumatized by the experience. Or maybe I'm just projecting.

Anyway, my wife thought it was best that I hadn't been there for the event lest I had wept uncontrollably right there on the bar. And I'll have talk with my son later.

Have a great weekend! And don't pour out all the beer -that's alcohol abuse.


allie said...

blue moon is the hardest to pour. woodchuck is the easiest. also, the temperature of the kegs impacts this as well, the more cold the better. said...

Tilt, tilt, tilt. Let the glass breathe.

I tapped kegs, a skill that should go on one of those "you're not a man unless..." lists, many times before going to college for the restaurant I used to work at. Such a key asset especially if it's a pump tap.

Always a great way to meet girls at a party... "no, no. You're doing it completely wrong let me show you."

nancy said...


Should I be tipping more for my Blue Moon drafts? What's the etiquette here?

Will said...

My Lord! Does Gary Forby know about this! I suggest a bi-partisan commission to look into this. No wonder we have a trade deficit. Imagine all the wasted imported beer!

allie said...

nancy, no not at all. its the bar owners fault if the keg coolers arent cold enough.

Gish said...

Every beer is sacred, every beer is great. If a beer gets wasted, God gets quite irate.

Blevins said...

that is a friggin horror story man. All that wasted nectar of the gods.

jeff said...

Is it really such a tragedy if it's Bud Light down the drain?