Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chevette Summer

In response to this, all I can say is that I once got a 1979 Chevette up to approximately 100 miles an hour on a straightaway on New City road south of Rochester. I say “approximately” because the speedometer only went up to 90 mph, but the needle was well past that before I decided I had pushed that fine machine to its limit. Oh, and I was young (19) and stupid. So kids, don’t try this. If you live, all you’ll get out of it is a lame blog post when you’re middle-aged.

Note: This is not a picture of the actual Chevette I drove, but rather a picture of how I treated it.

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geek_guy said...

I took my Chevette ('to 90 once, when slowing down, got nailed going 76 in a 55. I said, "but officer, it's a Shuv-it, 4 banger! It can't go 76". So he wrote me up for 74, it was a 50$ ticket instead of a 75$ ticket.