Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too Black for the Hat

Absolutely Pam, black men should not wear cowboy hats.

As the McCain ad says of Obama, “How disrespectful!”

It’s unimportant to note that the old west was full of black cowboys because cowboying was hard, shitty work back then. And guess who got to do the hard, shitty work.

So yes, Obama is being a bit uppity and, of course, Disrespectful™ towards whites who are the real cowboys.

Good to see Pam can still spew the stoopid and historical ignorance from afar.


Blevins said...

now dave, it's not all Pam's fault...she does, after all, have a certain audience and demographic to cater too. Not many black folk listen to the radio down there, let alone do any fancy talkin. They after all, know their place.

JeromeProphet said...

Free blacks found being a cowboy to be superior to slavery. I believe I read many years ago that one in four cowboys were black.

So Pam isn't so concerned about being informed, or informative, as she is about being a stupid ignorant racist slut.

Don't know about the slut (SNL Parody) part.


rickmonday said...

I saw a black man in Blazing Saddles wear a cowboy hat, in fact, that guy sort of reminds me of Obama.

But seriously, who cares. Sort of a weird question to ask.

Gish said...

She does show some pure ignorance (at least I hope it was ingnorance). My own ignorant story is that, as a child, I did not think any black families owned dogs. I think I had to have been in 7th or 8th grade until I realized, only in the face of irrefutable evidence, that was a false assumption.

Dave said...


That's ferrets. African-Americans don't own ferrets.

NatLove said...

i thought that as well, until, lo and behold, I met a black person that owned not just one ferret, but two.