Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Have You Ever Been Experienced?

Just to be clear, I agree that having only a couple years in on Capitol Hill and a few more in the Illinois legislature makes one wholly unqualified to be president based on experience.
Meanwhile, having decades of Washington experience makes you both wise and popular.

Update: And hey, I just noticed, that inexperienced guy ISN'T WEARING A FLAG PIN!


JeromeProphet said...

A very palpable hit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it when people forget their mic is still on....

rickmonday said...

In your defense Dave, it is pretty hard to catch Obama with a flag pin.

Dave said...

Same with Lincoln! They both obviously hate America. Or maybe they don't play childish games like you and your patriotically correct wingnut cohorts. Do you have your lapel pin on Rick, right now? Where do you stick while in the shower? Can I make a suggestion?

JeromeProphet said...

Another very palpable hit.

blevins said...

but, but, Obama supports terrarists guys! His name is Barack Hussein Obama! Hussein! Did 9-11 not teach you guys anything; that Moslem soundin names are bad and duct-tape & plastic wrap is like krypotnite to terrarists!

Sure, let's forget the Republican track record of creating Al-Qeda, Saddam and giving the Taliban $5billion back in May of 2001. Obama is the bad guy.

JLo said...

This blog is all about civil discourse.

Don't feed the trolls and they will stop trolling.

geek_guy said...

JLO, Unfortunately RM will never stop. Read the post here, the old abelog, and sj-r. No matter how much you prove him wrong, or just ignore him, he comes back like herpes.

rickmonday said...

Wow, why so defensive. I was just trying to stick up for Dave. Lighten up Francis.

blevins said...

Guys, guys, come one. There are serious problems facing this country. Do we want a guy with a lot of experience being a Senator, and who still could not find his way out of a wet paper bag, or a relative new comer to politics who the media has hyped as the second coming and who will only crucify once he gets into office. Let's discuss the issues like with reason, respect and insight.

Oh, BTW, did you hear that Obama guy is black?

rickmonday said...

Ok, Blevins, I will bite.

Obama does represent change. How though will he be able to implement that change. Although that may be his intention it is very unlikely that he will be able to do too much. I agree, he will be attacked for failing to accomplish those changes.

We will still be in Iraq at least for the next 3 years. His 18 month exit strategy will not happen. Period.

We will not have 1 million or is it 10 million new electric cars on the road.

Although I actually approve of part of his energy plan to dramatically increase investments in alternatives, widespread use of alternatives is certainly more than 10 years away. So, in the meantime we will need oil. Why cant he admit that.

I do give Obama credit for being civil in the face of attacks from the right wing. (like me). And I generally think that he has good intentions and loves his country. I dont think that he has played the race card too much and I thank him for that.

When I initially came out for him, I was a person who thought that this country was too polarized. Just look at the banter between geek and me. I was willing to bite my tongue and throw away my partisian hat for someone who can bring people together.

It concerned me a great deal when behind closed doors he lashed out at people who held dear their religion and guns. This country was founded upon religious freedom and I think he mocked people like me. I dont think he will be able to bring this country together, and thus, since that reward in my mind is not in reach, I now will not sell short my beliefs.

I actually do like Joe Biden, ever since the Anita Hill hearings. I think he would make a great VP and President if necessary. So I give Obama points for picking him.

I still do not know where he will get the money to pay for all of his social programs. And yes, I have been to his website and read his plans. I think they are lacking, as are McCains. Thus, the only conclusion that I can draw is that he will indeed raise the taxes of the true middle class. (I dont consider a family of 4 who make 80k middle class)

McCain is old and lacks energy. But I really like Palin's energy and propensity for reform.

I like the way that Obama seems to digest information before commenting on it. He reminds me of a very good salesman. I say that out of respect, as I also have to do sales for my company.

I dont think he is a muslim or is anti-american because he doesnt wear a lapel pin. Sometimes I say that just to get certain people's blood boiling, and it works everytime.

I think people are very passionate about this race and good for them. The more people that get involved the better off this country will be in my mind.

geek_guy said...

Most of what you said I would respond with, "let's wait and see".

This part I don't understand. But I really like Palin's energy and propensity for reform.

Um, how?
1)She sent the town she was mayor of in a larger debt then she started (like Bush and America).
2)She cut funding to a shelter for pregnant teens that kicked out of their "good christian" homes. Bush cut funding to "social programs" and people go homeless.
3) In the pocket of lobbyist, like McSame and Bush
4) Abused her power for personal and political gain, like Bush.
5) Lies about alot of stuff like Bush.
6) Palin as about as extreme right wing as you can get, McSame didn't want Rice, Hutchens, and other woman because they were pro-choice. At least Biden voted for the war and shows to be more moderate then any P/VP candidate.
7) She is for drilling and you and her refuse to accept the facts that we keep slapping against your narrow little mind that it will not lower prices.
8) She worked for the Stevens 527 and got endorsed by the guy with 7 federal indictments over his head.
9) She is anti-choice, yet proud of her daughter's (shotgun) choice.
10) Etc

As for "social programs" name one civilized country that has the low taxes, high income, low social programs. (And don't just vote "present")

geek_guy said...

And now, like Bush, she is stonewalling the investigation into her "troopergate".

That's not change you can believe in.

I am also getting a crack-up with the MCSame camp hiding her from the press. I wonder if they are going to have to wire her up for the debates like they did Bush, or have her arrive "late" to get her a heads-up on debate questions.

And I seriously want you to name a country that meets your fantasy standards.

rickmonday said...

Regarding troopergate, it seems like small potatoes to me. I dont know all of the details yet, but what politician doesnt stall investigations?

I did the the trooper on TV last night and the clown admitted to tasering his own kid. Palin claims she fired the troopers boss of budget issues. We will have to wait and see on that one. I dont know all of the details.

Regarding energy, she is for BOTH drilling and alternatives. To me, that is a reasonable way to go.

I fundamentally disagree with you on the drilling issue. If we increase the supply, prices will drop if all other things are constant. If demand outpaces the supply then prices will increase.

I think it is a mistake for McCain to hide her from the press. She is the most polular politician right now, more so than Obama and McCain. If I were running McCain's campaign, I would take advantage of this issue and get her out there.

I applaud the fact that she is pro-life and pro-gun. I am.

geek_guy said...

If we increase the supply, prices will drop if all other things are constant.
1) We can't refine more and the oil companies do not want to build more because it will lower the price and cut their profits.
2) They will sell at market levels at the going rate, they will not sell at what it costs to drill.
3) They have plenty of area leased to drill now, they don't. They are just padding their portfolio for profits.
4) it'll take a couple years to build new sea rigs,
etc, etc, read some of the other posts where we slapped the facts against your narrow little mind, yet you continue to live in your fantasy world.

nancy said...


I'm curious about your take on sex education. Are you an abstinence-only guy, or a comprehensive guy?

blevins said...


Abstinence-only is the best way to go...there is no argument. I mean, Ms. Palin is an expert on how well abstinence-only works.

rickmonday said...

I am for sex ed. I mean it is science after all. I dont see a problems with teaching kids where babies come from.

nancy said...

Sex ed isn't just about teaching where babies come from. It's about teaching how NOT to have babies come from you. It has to be about contracepiton, not just reproduction. Oh well, I'm getting off topic here. I was just curious.

rickmonday said...

I agree with you Nancy.