Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Serious Insights: Political Storm Edition

While everyone was focused on hurricanes Gustov and Hannah, hurricane Sarah silently moved down from Alaska and slammed in St. Paul, MN causing all kinds of political damage.


lordhutty said...

It is not surprising that liberals would attack a mother of 5. They have always been power hungry. The attacks on this lady are sexist and disgusting. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Dave said...


You really are an idiot. I mean that only if you aren't a mother of five in which case you are above criticism. How about a father of 2? Is that person above criticism? If not, then who is being sexist here?

(I still think these guys, LH and RM, are parody artists trying to pwn me)

geek_guy said...

I think it was interesting how with Jamie Lynn Spears it was the parents fault for among other things not raising the kids with Christan values. Yet when it happens to the child that is raised by, supposedly, Christian parents we can't give them the same "respect" as the Spears?!?

Besides she uses her family in her campaigns (about as much as POW McSame). She loves mentioning her son that joined the Army, and her husband that is in a union. Apparently we can't use the other "bad kid". How different is it to point out the hypocrisy that the homophobic Keyes and Cheney have gay kids?

geek_guy said...

What does "mother of 5" have to do this (sounds like we shouldn't criticize McSame about anything because he was a POW)? We are pointing out that the policies of Palin with regards to abstinence-only and birth control clearly did not work in her family, yet she insist that everyone else lives by the standards she wants to force upon us. The McCain/Palin camp like to point out the daughter "chose" to keep the baby, but their policies will deny everyone else the choice. Same with gays, the wrong-wing claim is that gay parent's will raise gay "adopted" kids, that gays chose to be that, and if they had "good parents" gays would not "happen"> Keyes/Cheney shot that theory, and not only that, they supported policies (for political reasons) that will hurt their own children.

Will said...

Lordhutty, since she's on the Republican ticket I'd say she deserves the same level of respect the sexist talk radio hosts showed Hillary Clinton for the past 16 years and the same courtesy John McCain showed when he insulted Chelsea Clinton's looks while she was an awkward teenager.


But luckily for her she's running as a Republican, so she won't be subjected to the same level of hate and sexism that routinely comes form her own party.

rickmonday said...


I am not LordHutty. But, what do you think Palin has to do in her speech. I think McCain was facing 4th and long and had to throw a Hail Mary pass and so he chose Palin. If it was 3rd and short, he would have gone with Romney I think.

If she gives a Great speech, not just an above average one, then I think the GOP has a chance.

It was pretty risky to pick her. I would have chosen Romney, but she is the pick.

I for one am looking forward to hearing her speak.

geek_guy said...

Wow, I agree with RM, except for the "Great Speech" part. I have heard over and over that Obama's ability to give a great speech should not a qualification for president. I hope you agree that that Republican rule also applies to the VP.