Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah to Speak

I’m not sure why anyone is expecting to learn much about Sarah Palin by way of her speech tonight. I’m sure it will be fine; it’s been written for her and she seems to be able to speak well enough. And she looks good in glasses.

As for content, like I said, the speech has been written for her. In fact, it was already written for a generic VP candidate long ago and modified slightly to make it less “masculine”, whatever that means.
There was a flutter of attention when McCain campaign manager Rick Davis told a group of Post reporters and editors yesterday that his team was having to rework the vice presidential acceptance speech because the original draft, prepared before Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen, was too "masculine." While we all wondered to ourselves what might make a speech masculine or feminine, no one batted an eye at the underlying revelation: that the campaign was writing the nominee's speech before knowing who the nominee would be.
So if she can read a teleprompter, I guess she passes.

Update: And she did work on the air in television broadcasting at one point, so she should do just swell.


rickmonday said...

I dont understand what point you are trying to make here. Are you suggesting that all other candidates write their own speeches? Or that it is uncommon to have a speechwriter?

Seriously, what is your point.

Dave said...

My point is she should do just fine reading the words written for her and that we aren't going to "learn" much from it.

Although most folks reading speeches have them written specifically for them not some to-be-named-later speaker.

Anonymous said...

It's not like "My Pet Goat" or anything like that.

JeromeProphet said...
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JeromeProphet said...

And I love the glasses! LMAO!

JeromeProphet said...

Setting: Speech Shop

George McCain: Have you got what I ordered?

Mark Salter: Why yes Senator, that will be one generic Vice Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech coming right up!

George McCain: And make it less masculine!

Mark Salter: And we'll throw in some family values references for free.

I believe Dave is simply pointing out that the McCain campaign is getting a tad bit out of touch. Why would they have assumed that whomever he chose wouldn't be capable of putting a speech together? Not saying the speech wouldn't have been tweaked, but it is obvious that McCain was aiming low - and reached his target.

rickmonday said...

Too bad her teleprompter broke during the speech and she had to speak off the cuff. Sort of goes to show how smooth she is. I thought it was a great speech and had some nice zingers to Obama. I particularly liked her comparison of being a mayor/governor to a community organizer.

geek_guy said...

It did not "break", it fogged up a little bit. Butt hey, why let a good lie get in the way of your fantasies.

And the last time I checked, Obama has more experience then a community organizer. Butt hey, why let a good lie get in the way of your fantasies.

nancy said...


Seriously? That was her very worst comment! MORE governement, LESS community involvement?

geek_guy said...

The "Christian Right" forgot Jesus was a community organizer. Many of the churches do community organizing like running food banks, and many of our tax dollars went to "faith based" initiatives that were on a community level. In "faith based", I mean the money went to primarily white evangelical groups.

JLo said...
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JLo said...

"The "Christian Right" forgot Jesus was a community organizer."

Nobody knows how to organize a community like Jesus, just look at His crucifixion. You had Jews, Romans, Gentiles, et al.

Seriously now, Geek_guy, Jesus? A community organizer? So this makes Obama even more like the Messiah, I suppose?

I concur that the church is definitely responsible for organizing community efforts, and the early church was an amazing community of sharing, compassion, etc. I just don't remember Jesus being a community organizer, though. Maybe the disciples should have worn shirts that said, "Staff" or "Security."

geek_guy said...

I don't know many community organizations that wear those shirts. Some famous organizers/organizations that started locally and went nationally are Woman's Suffrage, Prohibition, Civil Rights. There more "community-type" that help homeless, job training, help rebuild homes, Obama helped the poor with legal aid.

And yes Jesus. He advocated for the poor, for the sick, for the socially excluded...and continues to help provide people today with an excuse to do good and evil. His community helped found the religion known as Christianity. He said "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

nancy said...

Agh, after days of hashing out religion and politics over at blogfreespringfield, I don't have much left in me, but I will say that there was no bigger, greater social liberal than JC, and the Christian conservative cannot take that away.

JLo said...

Tsk...tsk...Hitler compared to Ma Theresa?

Yet Hitler said things like this about Christianity: "Christianity is an invention of sick brains: one could imagine nothing more senseless, nor any more indecent way of turning the idea of the Godhead into a mockery.... .... When all is said, we have no reason to wish that the Italians and Spaniards should free themselves from the drug of Christianity. Let's be the only people who are immunised against the disease. (p 118 & 119)"

and this

"The reason why the ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity."

from Secret Conversations with Hitler, FS & Y, also called Hitler's Table Talk.

I am done with it. I just hate to see falsehoods perpetuated.

geek_guy said...

So Hitler says one thing in private and another to the (m)asses. Thank you for supporting my point that continues to help provide people today with an excuse to do good and evil. Next you'll tell me that the Iraq war was a "task of god", oddly, I follow the teaching of Jesus who taught me to love my neighbor and turn my cheek. Christians should follow the teaching of Jesus, not the old testament.

rickmonday said...


I am not JLo either. Believe it or not, not everyone worships The Obama.

Dave said...

I never suspected you were anyone but who you are. And guess what, I don’t worship Obama either. Nor do most of the people who support him. It’s only the Right that keeps insisting if you agree with his policies, you are “worshiping” him. So please come up with something better than that stupid line of argument.

geek_guy said...

Bush claims to be able to look into the eyes of a man and see his soul. He also claims that God told him to attack Iraq. Be sure to worship him.

Oh, I saw a funny phrase going around the tubes. "Jesus was a community organizer. Pontious Pilot was a governor." This, of course, no way means or implies Obama = Jesus, it is just that when people make such blanket statements you can easily show them how stupid that blanket statement is by turning it back on them.

rickmonday said...

geek, Dave,

No, I dont think Obama is a god or Jesus like in anyway. Look, the right is just making fun of Obama's "rock star" status. Yes, I will even admit that he has a very strong and energetic following.

I dont see why you get ticked off when we on the right try to make fun of that. Hell, I wish our party had a person who can get the attention that Obama receives.

In a round about way, it is actually a compliment to Obama. Seriously, you guys need to lighten up. This election is in the bag for Obama.

Dave said...

Oh boy, the “Just Kidding” defense.
Sorry Rick, your own intentions aside, the Right (and the Hillary campaign while it was around) use the Messiah charge not in fun, but as a club by which they demean Obama supporters as mindless, worshiping zombies. It has nothing to do with humor. But nice try.

rickmonday said...

"mindless, worshipping zombies"....boy those terms have never been used against the right.

rickmonday said...

Oh yeah, that right....the right are indeed mindless, worshipping zombies. But the left isnt. My bad.

geek_guy said...

Rick thanks for showing your zero reading comprehension. Dave said

but as a club by which they [the "right"] demean Obama supporters [the "left"] as mindless, worshiping zombies

He is stating correctly that the "right" has been calling the "left" mindless worshipers of Obama. (Anybody want to talk about the drooling over commander codpiece on the Aircraft carrier when he rode (not flew/landed) on it in a jet. Or Palin's preacher that damned anybody that criticized his Messiah, Bush?)

You respond with
"mindless, worshipping zombies"....boy those terms have never been used against the right. After watching the RNC convention, it would be an accurate description of the "right", but Dave was never said that in this thread.

Then your next message looks like correction to your first message
Oh yeah, that['s] right....the right are indeed mindless, worshipping zombies. But the left isnt. My bad.
Umm, Dave didn't call the "right" zombies, he said the "right" accused the left that.