Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Argumentative Stacking

While Republicans continue their attempt to block the jobs bill in congress, some of them are resorting to showing us just how much money a trillion dollars really is. One senator, John Thune, even told us teh other day how high that much money would go if stacked. Thanks, John, that’s very helpful to the debate! Not wanting to let that go unchallenged, Josh Marshall, has an equally useful graphic comparing the height of the money with the combined height of unemployed Americans.

Excellent! Our height is greater than yours, so we win!

Funny how the trillion dollar cost of the pointless war in Iraq never concerned some of these guys (to them wars and tax cuts are free). I wonder how close to the moon we would get if we stacked all the dead and wounded end to end. More charts!

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RichardTuesday said...

Thanks for showing, again, how silly and irrelevant the obstructionist Repubs are.