Friday, February 06, 2009

Phone Pacing

This topic came up briefly last night within my inner circle of Facebook friends and I thought I’d bring it up here too. Apparently those of us who pace around while talking on the phone drive everyone else crazy with our pacing. I do this all the time while on the phone. I always have, even back in the days when I was tethered to the phone by a cord. I’m not sure why I do it but, hey, it’s good exercise and keeps the blood flowing so I can make even more stimulating conversation. The other consensus was that this behavior is mostly a guy thing. Is this an example of the hunter-gatherer vs. nesting instincts still embedded in us? Or is this just a character flaw in some men like leaving the toilet seat up?


nancy said...

Why are you talking to people on the phone when we have Facebook?

David said...

You call leaving the toilet seat up a character flaw? Why is leaving the toilet seat down not a character flaw? Why does it have to be up? You're so sexist!
Kidding ... nice article