Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Schmidty Situation

So if Sangamon County State’s Attorney John Schmidt decides Roland Burris did commit perjury, is his office really prepared to try the case? I'm betting he finds no grounds for a perjury charge. Who needs that pressure? I’m betting Schmidt is sorry he even came to work today. This whole Blago saga with its Burris subplot is both endless and full of weird surprises.

On a related note, Illinois Republicans should probably let up on the calls for an early Burris resignation. It seems to me that if Burris can survive the primaries (a big if, granted) he would be a great candidate to run against.


Bill said...

I think he might be the only politician who sounds dumber than Sarah Pailin.

Dave said...

Yeah, I guess I never realized how really stupid Burris was when he was in harmless positions like state treasurer.